At the wake of Kenyan high school strikes and property worth millions burning into ashes.The followin is my personal opinoin

Tension about mocks and also KCSE  exam because there is no leakage this year is one of the main reasons for strikes in schools.this is due toprassure from CS for education which creates more and more tension where students says that the rules are inconsiderate.

Tough and poor  school school management  are also the reason as to why students strike.Students claim that theres no development in schools despite of their parents

students inciting each other where teachers have nothing to do with the issue.this is all peer preasure amongst students in the same or other institution.Bulling among students where mostly is done by students in higher classes. this causes disagreements betwen them where they end up destroying school properties.

lack of enough version of learning  materials is also another issue which leeds to failure of the students.poor addressing of the issue causes strike by the students which causes destruction of propaties and also loss of lives of the students.

Insecurity is also another couse of strike and properties destruction.Insecurity brings about rape and also theft of students cup is also another reason as to why students are are striking.

lack of  good role model is another couse of strikes.This is where leaders in government do strike and also other seniors fo example teachers, doctors and members of parliament are bad exampe to our students, where some are their parents and relatives.



fashion and design



Being a fashion designer …. What does it mean? Searching for the upcoming trends? Being the most creative? Changing the rules of the game?

People have different opinions, but quite rarely the word Routine ever comes to the list.

Unfortunately many designers don’t receive a chance to become  creative and commercial at the same time. Either one or another.

The world is competitive like never before and in order to make the dreams come true, you have to use any possibility to make a statement about your talent.

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